The United Vending Story
The founders of United Vending realized long ago that vending, conceptually, is the world’s most perfect business. Many mechanical salespeople are always on the job, they never take a break, they never need vacation time, they just sell, sell, sell. Unfortunately, they quickly realized that there are also many difficult challenges in the vending business. Chief among these is the finding and obtaining choice locations for machines. Drawing on years of marketing expertise, the United Vending team perfected a series of effective procedures for locating and securing productive locations in which to place snack and drink machines. As this side of the business was built, routes were serviced, and the needs of local customers was filled in the northern New England area. However, the United Vending staff could not help but notice the plight of entrepreneurs and established vending companies in the rest of the country – they continually invested in the equipment and hardware, but lacked the marketing savvy to find and obtain the crucial element – the producing locations. United Vending decided that there was an opportunity to assist these fellow business people, and provide a valuable service albeit outside the local area. The National Locating Services arm of United vending was then launched. Once it was realized that other so-called “locators” in the industry commonly scammed honest investors and entrepreneurs, United Vending adjusted all Locating Service fees, so that clients pay only as they go, and only when they accept a given location. This ensures satisfaction and quality, and reduces any risk for the client – there is never a chance that we will “disappear” with their money, which is unfortunately a daily occurrence when equipment owners use other firms. United recently added the “Agency Program”, so that all equipment dealers (new and used) can be confident in the satisfaction of their customers – they can know without a doubt that their equipment sales to customers WILL result in the cash flow the customer is ultimately seeking, because WE will make sure the locations are found and secured. In addition to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, the dealers generate an additional revenue stream for themselves.
The Basics About Us
United Vending is based in Seacoast NH , and owns and operates mechanical snack and drink vending machines in workplaces and locations in NH, ME, and MA. The emphasis is on service to our clientele, which consists primarily of small to medium sized businesses and local and state government agency offices. United Vending provides vending machines free of charge to its clients, to allow workers to enjoy snacks and cold drinks without the need to venture out to the local convenience store during break time. We install the machines and stock them weekly (and sometimes 2 and 3 times a week) with fresh product inventory (according to the clients preferences). In the world of automated product distribution (otherwise known as vending), there are dozens of potential business models and niche markets to serve, but we believe that installing and servicing mechanical compact snack and snack/drink combo units has many benefits and is an excellent situation for both us and our customers as we build long-term relationships. In addition to our local vending installation and service offerings, we use our experience and methods to assist entrepreneurs in the rest of the USA (outside of ME,NH,MA) in order to acquire and secure for them productive locations in which to place their equipment. 

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Our Goal
We have 2 primary goals at United Vending. The first is to build out and service the routes in our local Tri-State area. The second is to continue to provide the bridge between the promise and lure of vending as an incredible, turn-key business opportunity with residual income and low overhead and the reality of combining equipment purchase with the critical element of productive locating. We want our fellow entrepreneurs to succeed, and we have the means to help.
What We Can Do For YOU

If you are a business or workplace in the NH/ME/MA area, we can provide your workplace with a delicious assortment of snacks and cold drinks tailored to your specifications, all installed and maintained FREE, with never any obligations!If you are a business person who has or will have snack/drink/combo vending equipment, we WILL find and acquire locations for you, quickly, inexpensively, and without risk to you. Productive locations, that meet your requirements.

If you are an equipment dealer, we will provide you with a vital element to the turn-key solution that your customers are looking for, as well as a new commission stream. Imagine making TWICE the money and having HAPPIER customers! That is what you will receive if you work with us.