If you are a vending equipment manufacturer, distributor, or dealer, you know that the key to selling your products is to provide your prospects with a turn-key business opportunity. You want and need for them to be happy with their decision, and you want them to be REPEAT customers, purchasing more and more product from you. There is only way to achieve this, and that is to assist them in securing PRODUCTIVE LOCATIONS for their equipment. The entire vending industry suffers from a common perception that vending equipment dealers are hucksters, con artists, and scam outfits. The ONLY reason that perception exists is because many (if not most) equipment dealers have pursued the hard sell with prospects, then left them high and dry when it came time to deliver locations for their newly-purchased equipment. United Vending has a solution for that, for your own equipment sales process, and for your customer’s satisfaction and peace of mind. We offer  rock-solid locating services via telemarketing for snack/soda machine combos in any area of the US outside of NH/ME/MA, at the lowest rates, and have 2 different parts to our Agency Program for you to select from. You can refer your prospects and customers to us and receive a commission on locating fees, or you can bundle locating services with your equipment sales, and you then pay us steeply discounted wholesale locating fees.

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