The Best Whittling Knife Options For Your Wood Projects

There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting around a campfire and whittling away at a twig while you talk to your buddies. And if you’re using a fresh pine twig or branch, you’ll have to regularly clean the sticky sap off your knife while you’re whittling. Some whittlers prefer a more ergonomic handle like the Opinel, but the oiled Birchwood handle of Mora knives feels wonderfully at home in your palm. The finish is smooth but provides plenty of grip and control when tackling big rough cuts as well as more detailed work. The EvoGrip has 11 implements with 15 different functions and a locking blade. A super simple pocket knife, the Sentinel offers a slim and lightweight design with one lockable blade.

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Since this multi-tool’s blades are made out of carbon steel, they can put up with the stresses involved in whittling. Even though each of the blades is relatively thin , they’re strong enough not to twist. Since the blades are implemented in a multi-tool design, this whittling knife will also save space in your pack and won’t weigh you down. The blade is only 3-¾ inches long when it has been folded up, so it can even fit into your pocket so that you can access it for some quick whittling when you’re bored. The handle on this whittling knife is made out of hardwood oak, which is durable enough to last a long time.

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The blade was made from high-grade carbon steel and has some spring or flexibility. Therefore, since you cut with this knife, the blade will follow the contour of woodcutting. Moreover, if you need to do rough cuts, the most suitable tool is the whittling knife by BeaverCraft. Many knives during working with rough work are very uncomfortable. Some have one or more blades that can fold into the handle when not in use.

Morakniv manufactured this knife maintaining the intention of precision cuts, but with the larger blade allows for whittlers to perform more generous cuts. A lot of my website readers love whittling and wood-carving our ideas. You need good whittling tools for your materializing your whittling ideas. Brand – We included a plethora of leading brands in the market today, to ensure that our readers are provided with nothing but quality whittling knife models.

This Sloyd carving knife is hardened during the construction process, to increase its firmness. It is considered one of the best green woodworking tools in the market, due to the use of highly renewable materials for its construction. Our guide to the best survival knives features many products suitable for adventurers, so be sure to check them out. The General Sloyd Knife is identified as the general knife for wood carving.

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Hold the wood in your left hand and the knife firmly in your right hand with the blade facing away from you. Place both your right and left thumbs on the back of the knife blade. Push the blade forward with your left thumb while your right thumb and fingers guide the blade through the wood. If you’ve ever seen an old-timer whittle, chances are you saw him using the pull stroke.

The 60mm blade length and 2.7mm blade thickness allow you to achieve flawless wood carving without any problem. Because the blade makes use of laminated steel, edge retention and overall sharpness are very good in heavy use condition. For the handle, Wood Carving 120 utilizes oiled birch wood to make it feel natural and comfortable to hold in your hand. The wide rounded shape of the wooden offer tight grip and accurate control as well. The knife blade is made from carbon steel so it’s easy to sharpen, tough and could get rusty without sufficient maintenance after usage.

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Some blades, like hook blades, are designed for a specific function, but the right blade shape is typically more a matter of personal preference. Besides that, you also want to think about the blade shape and size. As far as blade size, that is generally decided on your personal preference, comfort, and type of project.

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The knife cheap acquisition cost should let you acquire it without straining your wallet in the process. It’s durable, sharp, and a reliable knife for practically any techniques on a diverse amount of wood. It’s easy to sharpen and maintain great edge retention for a longer carving duration. The set is set up inside a bamboo storage box, which provides protection to the high carbon steel blades. The knives are all made of black walnut handles that are soft to touch while also containing durable materials. Naturally, black walnut is resistant to moisture and decay, so there won’t be concerns as it is totally anti-rust.

  • The ergonomically shaped handle does indeed help reduce hand fatigue compared to carving with a pocket knife.
  • It is important to feel comfortable with the knife you choose and the only way to know this is trying several different ones.
  • My recommendation when using this sheath is to make sure the knife is secured in it before picking it up.
  • It is also recommended that this knife only be used on soft wood, plus it doesn’t lock so beginners should be cautious.
  • This tool is made with nickel silver bolsters along with high-carbon stainless steel dual blades.

I’m guessing the manufacturer wanted to cut production costs by making a one-size-fits-all sheath instead of molding sheaths for each knife size. So, I can understand why they chose to include it, but it’s still a disappointment, especially when they could’ve knocked this one out of the park. Let’s dive into the specifics and review each knife individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models or you can read along and go through all the information. The cheapest and best place to buy these knives shipped to your door is on Ebay. You can buy them on Amazon as well if you have Prime, but if you don’t Ebay will be your best bet.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Whittling Knife

Morakniv’s wood carving 120 knife is a great choice for beginners and delivers the best bang for your buck you’ll find anywhere. All you really need to do to whittle wood is pick up a whittling knife and a piece of wood. The wood can be a high-quality block from your local hardware store or it can be as basic as a piece of a tree branch. Take the knife and begin whittling away pieces of wood until you can form something relatively similar to your vision. Finding the best whittling knife for your experience level depends on quality, price, and personal preference. These recommendations can help you find the best whittling knife for your projects.

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