What Is A Truck Bed Camper? To Put It Very Simply, A Truck Bed Camper (sometimes Spelled As A Cam …

A slide-out camper is an extremely versatile kind of RV which is able to slide out of the back of a pick-up truck and is then transported within the bed as you travel the road. There are also motorized versions which are fitted with a small electric engine and can be pushed back into the pick-up truck bed while the engine is running. Such camper designs are extremely useful in that they offer an extremely versatile way to travel – for short distances in fact. For long-distance truck campers however, they are impractical as their smaller size would make them difficult to manoeuvre inside of a pick-up truck and also their engines are far from optimised for long journeys.

So, what is the solution? It’s simple – a truck bed camper conversion! Essentially, this means that one portion of the camper (the sleeping area) is taken up by the campers sleeping space. This is often a very generous amount of space which is large enough to sleep around 4 people comfortably. However, this doesn’t mean the camper has to be made for 4 people.

In the past, a camper conversion kit had to incorporate some kind of motor in order to operate. The advent of modern technology, however, has led to the development of special truck bed covers known as camper shells. These are essentially waterproof tents which cover the entire pickup truck bed. Naturally, there are several different variations to the camper shell.

Perhaps the most common type is simply a waterproof cover that is extremely versatile. Generally it is made out of waterproof canvas which can be quickly and easily changed over to allow an extended or short sleeping area. In addition to this, these can be completely waterproof whilst also providing shelter from the elements. Another variation of the truck camper shell is the ‘shelter roof’, which has a roof that comes up over the sleeping area of the recreational vehicle.

The advantage of these types of pickup truck bed camper conversions is that they provide a complete enclosure for the pickup truck bed. However, the disadvantages are that it means that you will need to acquire a truck bed that has a decent height in order to accommodate one. This is often not a major problem as most recreational vehicles are quite tall in comparison to other types of RVs. Another disadvantage of the camper shells is that due to the sheer size of the motorized vehicle it is important that it is well insulated. Due to the fact that they consist solely of canvas, it is often difficult to insulate the interior properly due to the weight of the camper itself.

The simplest solution is to buy an electric camper which does not involve any modifications to the vehicle at all. These tend to work fine with most vehicles and are slightly more affordable than the other types of RVs.Finally, a third option for a pickup truck camper conversion is rv toilets the semi-permanent version. These allow for greater flexibility, are often far cheaper to purchase and require less modification to the vehicle itself. This includes access to the entire bed, access to the tailgate and can generally be fitted almost anywhere with ease. Due to their smaller size however, these are often not recommended for RVs, unless they are being used for short trips on a regular basis

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