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A good alternative finish for these Danish pieces is matte pre-catalyzed lacquer. These pieces can be stripped, sanded and finished with oil, but they will not look the same due to dissimilar woods used in construction. I’m sure we’ve all seen Acclaim pieces that some well-intentioned weekend warrior has sanded and “refinished” with Danish oil. The contrast between the different woods becomes stark and wrong. Most mistakenly assume that all mid century furniture was finished with teak oil or Danish oil.

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Pieces produced during this time have solid wood backings instead of plywood as well. You can also identify the age of a piece of furniture by its hardware. Should your furniture have any of these indications, or a manufacturer’s imprint, you are in the all clear to start refinishing. Just make sure to do some research to decide what type of lacquer or finish would be best for the piece of furniture.

Wood Furniture Refinishing Tips

Let the furniture dry for a day or two until the wood is thoroughly dry. Then, feel free to browse through some of my specific projects and my other furniture painting tricks and tips. I compiled everything I know about different types of paint, and it’s become one of my most popular posts of all time. If you’re new, or “new-ish”, to painting furniture, you might want to start by reading this post. Many people think that using a heavy-duty cleaner will work more effectively on an especially dirty piece. However, the simplest and most effective way to clean the piece and protect it is to simply use a mixture of dish soap and warm water.


Quickwood and KwikWood are two brands of this Tootsie Roll? You’ll find it at home centers and specialty woodworking stores for about $9 a tube. Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing has a detailed process that will preserve the original furniture piece and rejuvenate it.

Entrust Your Furniture To The Pros

After you’ve stripped the finish and let the piece fully dry, it’s time to move on to coating. If you’ve used a chemical stripping product, you may need to sand the furniture surface using 120 grit paper to ensure you’ve completely removed any residue. Chemical stripping products are designed to effortlessly strip the finish off wood. Choose a liquid or semi-paste product that that may or may not contain methylene chloride .

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