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Turtles moving such long distances overland are especially vulnerable. Although their shells may protect them from a curious fox or coyote, they are no match for farm machinery as they move through fields or for cars and trucks when they cross roads. Maintaining a buffer strip of natural vegetation along the banks of streams and rivers turtle wood carving pattern will protect wood turtle habitat and also help improve the water quality of the stream system. Stream banks that are manicured or armored by rip rap or stone walls will not be used by wood turtles or most other wildlife species. The unpainted swimming turtle cutout is made on-site from high quality plywood and is cut using a laser.

If you paint it with chalk board paint, you can use it as a chalk board for a unique piece of decor. The wood turtle is imperiled throughout a large portion of its range and was placed under international trade regulatory protection through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in 1992. Wood turtles also have been included on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List as a vulnerable species since 1996.

Emerging turtles are about the size of a flattened Ping-Pong ball and weigh less than half an ounce, making their prospects for survival tenuous. In my home state of New Hampshire, painted, snapping, and musk turtles are quite common, while Blanding’s, box, spotted, and wood turtles are far less abundant. It’s the scarcity of wood turtles that’s especially concerning because they were once quite common in much of New England.

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State biologists throughout the Northeast have identified the best areas for wood turtles and are currently monitoring turtle numbers in those areas. That initiative is being supported by the Natural Resource Conservation Service , a federal organization that assists private landowners who are interested in helping wildlife. Thanks to projects like these, life is getting better for wood turtles. We cut all of our wood cutouts and wooden shapes when you order them. This sea turtle arts and crafts shape is always in stock and changes can be made quickly and easily to get you exactly what you need.

Painted Wood Turtle

Wood turtles return to streams and creeks and begin hibernating by late November. They winter in muddy stream bottoms, within creek banks, or in abandoned muskrat holes. Individuals may overwinter in the same stream or embankment during successive years.

Along with a varied diet, they require additional calcium to insure healthy shell growth. Unlike aquatic turtles, the painted wood turtle doesn’t require water in order to swallow its food. The ornate or painted wood turtle is one of nine turtle species of the genus Rhinoclemmys of the family Geoemydidae. You can paint the wood turtle cutout a solid black for a regular silhouette look.

In a sting operation, federal officers recently captured a known turtle poacher attempting to purchase 100 wild-caught wood turtles. He was subsequently fined some $40,000 and sentenced to more than three years in prison. Although it seems harmless, taking a turtle home as a pet may have real consequences even if that turtle is eventually returned to the wild. Several years ago, one of the radio-tagged turtles monitored by Barry Wicklow went missing. Wicklow speculated that the turtle was picked up and brought home by a turtle aficionado. Perhaps feeling guilty – or realizing that the radio transmitter couldn’t be easily removed – the new pet owner eventually turned it loose.

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Mike Marchand and Joshua Megyesy of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department devote their summers to searching out suitable habitats and then radio-tagging and following turtles. According to Marchand and Megyesy, wood turtles prefer gently flowing rivers and streams with rocky or gravel bottoms and clear water. As development has increased in many rural communities in New Hampshire in recent decades, streamside habitats have been lost as land has been cleared for building lots and roads. Marchand and Megyesy suspect these changes have had a negative effect on both upland forests and stream water quality. Habitat loss and degradation have affected many species, but for wood turtles, those changes have often gone unnoticed.

wooden turtle

Use the wooden swimming sea turtle cutout for your next ocean or animal themed art and craft project. The swimming turtle cutout is ready for your ocean themed decor and you will love how easy it is to paint and decorate. In addition to restoring turtle populations, conservationists are now focusing on maintaining and improving stream and river habitats for turtles.

Prices for adult wood turtles in Southeast Asia, for example, have exceeded hundreds of dollars, and wood turtles have been confiscated at international airports during their shipment to foreign markets. A skilled poacher can identify suitable wood turtle habitat and, in a relatively short time, locate and remove a large percentage of the local population – sending it on a path to extinction. Although their name suggests a life lived on land, wood turtles spend much of their lives unseen in streams and rivers. So getting to know and understand them requires patience and skill – and some technology.

We cut Baltic Birch plywood, a high quality, strong and light colored wood. The edges will be brown and the top and bottom can have some smoke discoloration on the surface. The shapes are designed to be painted but the smoke will not affect paint adhesion. Wooden figurine of a sea turtle isolated on a white background.Wooden figurine of a sea turtle isolated on a white background.

  • Suspecting that hatchling survival might also be low, Buhlmann and Osborn sought out the help of Brian Bastarache at the Bristol County Agricultural High School in Massachusetts.
  • The subsequent decline of wood turtles has occurred throughout their range, which includes the northeastern United States and neighboring Canadian provinces.
  • Open fields and thickets of alder, greenbrier, or multiflora rose are favored basking habitats.
  • Considering how long it takes for wood turtles to reach maturity, any additional mortality among adults has a serious effect on the overall population.

However, collecting of wood turtles as pets continues to be a problem which may result in reduced population size or the loss of local populations. wood turtles are 1.5 inches in length and are distinguished by their long tails, which can be nearly equal in length to the carapace. If the young turtles survive, they can live 20 to 30 years, reaching sexual maturity in their fourteenth year. Wood turtle habitats typically contain few roads and are often over one-half of a mile away from developed or populated areas. Individuals from relict or declining populations are also sighted in areas of formally good habitat that have been fragmented by roads and development. The wood turtle is found in eastern North America, ranging from Nova Scotia in the south to Virginia in the south and from the easternmost US states to Minnesota in the west.

Although my focus has been on the plight of wood turtles, it is important to mention that other turtles in the region are also facing the challenges of long-term survival. Habitat loss, elevated predation, and an illegal pet trade have reduced populations of Blanding’s, box, and spotted turtles. Protection and habitat restoration are benefitting these turtles as well. Hopefully, this will mean that children can continue to have the thrill of discovery when they encounter a turtle for the first time. Fortunately, law enforcement has gotten serious about prosecuting such poachers.

Never relocate a turtle to another area that is far from where you found it. It probably would not survive, may not be native to the area, and could introduce diseases to wild populations. Wood turtles and other wildlife may accidentally ingest or become entangled in garbage and die. They are not picky eaters and will readily consume slugs, worms, tadpoles, insects, algae, wild fruits, leaves, grass, moss, and carrion.

In either case, human access to the area caused the turtle population to collapse. Similar rapid declines have been observed in other wood turtle populations. The threat to wood turtles from development extends beyond roadkill. When an area is developed, the resulting habitat is a boon for raccoons, skunks, and crows, which are all turtle nest predators. In nests that survive predation, hatching usually occurs from late August to early October, depending on soil temperature.

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